Inventors PlayStation Sale Wen Con Trade Meta Verse

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are currently driving the concept of metaverse in an important way, but many people have a hard time accepting the concept. One of those people is the inventor of PlayStation, Ken Kalahari. In an interview with news of Bloomberg, Kalahari questioned the concept of metaverse and how it will allow users to interact with each other. Kalahari not only disagrees with the concept itself, but also with the way that users will have to use VR headphones to interact with metaverse, stating that isolate him from the real world.

Being in the real world is very significant, but the metaverse is about doing almost real in the virtual world, and I do not see the sense of doing it, Kalahari told Bloomberg News. Would you like to be a polished avatar instead of your true self? That essentially is not different from the anonymous message boards sites ».

The concept of the metaverse will be difficult to sell for those who bet on it. While the attractiveness of virtual reality has grown in recent years, headphones can be uncomfortable for some users and can even cause nausea. Kalahari sees a different future. With his new Ascent company, Kalahari believes that advanced robotics will be able to combine the real world with cyberspace in a fluent and without devices, similar to Star Wars holograms, according to Bloomberg.

While Sony ever doubted a lot about the concept of video games, Kalahari saw a lot of potential. Kalahari began to work in secret with Nintendo on a sound chip for Super Nintendo, and was almost fired from Sony when the executives found out. CEO North Olga ended up giving his approval to Kalahari, and the working relationship with Nintendo resulted in the development of the PlayStation CD-ROM accessory for SNES. After the relationship with Nintendo was dissolved, Kalahari created the PlayStation console, which would revolutionize the video game industry. It remains to be seen if Kalahari’s ultimate adventure will have almost the same success, but the Creator clearly has a way to predict technological tendencies!

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