Holstein Kiel obliges Frahm for the U 23

From is after half a year in the Boston College Eagles back in Germany. The 21-year-old central defender since 2014 played for various junior teams of FC St. Pauli and moved in 2019 to the U 23 into the Regionally. Until his departure in the US last summer, he ran in 22 games for the second representation of the KiezCollege Eagles.

We are glad, Kiel’s NLZ leaders Finn Mensch is quoted in the club message, that with Moritz we could win a large, regional league-experienced center-back for us. He is a player that radiates peace and safety in the starting game Good positioning match has and as a type just fits well into the team.

Meanwhile, the team left the 22-year-old Dinah, which was changed 2020 from the Limaçon’s Druchtsen / Asset to KSV. The Defender’s Treaty, who also played in the junior area of ​​St. Pauli until 2017, still had a term to the end of the season, but was dissolved in mutual agreement, so the club.

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