There is hardly any a day at which the dedicated cosplay scene can not attract with an as well as impressive costume. The best example of this is the latest work of the Reddit user Amstelveen, which kidnaps you with your cosplay into the world of The Legend of Zelda .

Cosplay as a graceful princess Zelda

Severe is a large admired of Zelda and had it made itself the task of making a suitable costume. After numerous hours of working, it has published the result in the form of several photos and puts the fan inside in product. The cosplay is only cheeking for loving details and comes to the original in many ways damn close.

This already starts with the dress, which is equipped with many ornaments and other decoration elements. The play of colors with the gold elements looks beautiful. The cosplayer has even thought of the matching headband, a blonde wig and the sharp ears. In addition, she has chosen a natural background for the photos, so many fans are actually sent to Rule .


More imposing cosplay from the gaming world

In the past few weeks there were numerous impressive cosplay to see, all of which are based on well-known playmakers . Quite high in the course are coverings of characters from the world of The Witcher 3 . This ranges from Jennifer Lederberg, about Tries Marigold to a female Greatly. But other cosplay such as a Fast Perfume implementation of FIFA from Final Fantasy 7 or Camus Ran from Metro id, there was a recent past to admire.

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