In anticipation of Lost Ark, Wolceni received a new Update and New End

For all Hack’n’Slash fans who can not wait for the premiere of Lost Ark online. Wolceni: Lords of Mayhem (his most popular H’n’s on the market) received a new update Aegis of Stormfall along with several significant latter. The largest of them is War Table – a new type of END-GAME that allows you to take part in special activities / operations. In Cursesbreaker, we must defend the designated points, in Onslaught to fight and more dangerous opponents’ waves, in Headhunt defeat the powerful Boss, and in Sabotage deprive enemies of power by avoiding the mechanic and gaining stones. What else? Skull System that replaced the current expedition progression system (with difficulty levels) Two new types of monsters: MyStagogue and Architect New powerful armor: Veteran Armor New locations New types of damage modifiers Webscribe currently cost 85 zlotys ( on Steam ).

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