“Horizon Forbidden West”, “Matrix” Trinity Role Calie-An Moss appeared. Mystery connected with the past many women

Sony Interactive Entertainment has published a new Story Trailer of Horizon Forbidden West , which will be released next month on January 19th. Along with the trailer release, the actors who play new characters are also revealed in interviews with Overseas Media Game Informer.

Horizon Forbidden West is an open world action RPG for PS5 / PS4, which is the stage of the world after half a year from the previous work Horizon Zero Dawn. The protagonist Aaron will survey the cause of the mysterious corrosion phenomenon and save the world to a new stage to the western United States. In the trailer released this time, new characters were also introduced in addition to the characters that continued to appear from Var and Silence. According to developer interviews in Overseas Media Game Informer, new characters seem to play a well-known actor.

First, playing a new character called Tilda is Carrie-Anne Moss, known as the Movie Matrix’s Trinity. The figure of the character can be confirmed by a long version of the long version currently published overseas. Fantasy The elves of the world are reminiscent of an elf and flew a relaxed and settled atmosphere. According to developers, Tilda is a mystery character with a special connection with the ancient times (i.e., we are contemporary). In addition, it is Angela Bassett, who played Regalia, which is an Array and the hostile, the movie Black Panther. This is an aggressive warrior character. Any character is interesting how to invite Alloy.

※ TILDA is about 54 seconds of video, and TILDA can see REGALIA in 1 minute 3 seconds

Besides, this trailer has also drawn the appearance of the western tribes and threats such as new machine beasts. SF-like ruins will continue to appear in the previous work, such as a huge factory location. This work that also appears in a well-established actor will increase how to spin the story or expect.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 on February 18th.

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