Airwaks, the curious case of a lol player who returns after a successful stage in Fortnite

The professional panorama of League of Legends may be preparing the arrival of a very veteran player who left the scene a long time ago: Karim Airways Bengali could sign its great return to the longest crack in 2022. And it is not a Change of discipline What will scare this veteran, since was first European LCS player between 2014 and 2016 . After tired of killing champions, he decided to change the air to end up being Pro in Fortnite shortly after the launch of Battle Royale. It was with a brief video published on Wednesday on Twitter that Airways said goodbye to Fortnite for a while.

The clip recalls all the good times that Airways could pass with other players from the scene, particularly their formidable Victoria in Roam in 2019. The Swiss particularly regrets the Golden Age of Fortnite, as well as the period in which events Physicists of Battle Royale were quite fashionable. But the sanitary crisis by the COVID-19 has considerably shuffled the Fortnite cards, since has deprived the experience of LAN and the World Cup for almost three years .

At the end of the video, Airways showed one of the infamous car errors, which Epic Games took months to solve and that could cause the death of the players without any reason. The Swiss was the victim of these problems in the midst of a great competition. And it is this kind of competitive injustice which made Airways turn his back on the esports in Fortnite and cultivated the image of judge with fun, pointing with his finger to the mistakes and making traps at the levels Taller.

Airways explains that he returns to the sum invoked crack, but that he does not turn his back irreversibly to Fortnite, and that he could return if a new cup of the world is announced in 2022.

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