The Advice and Tricks of Anacrusis

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Analysis is a new cooperative experience that puts you in the skin of four survivors who try to escape a ship that crumbles quickly and infested from an alien threat. The players will open their way through episodic history, knocking down hordes from aliens, special enemies and trying to survive. If you are looking to maximize your time with the game, our Analysis advice guide will help you start!

Let’s start with some basic concepts (frequently asked questions), then immerse yourself on tips and tricks. Additional curious fact: analysis means: «one or more dust notes before the first line of one piece or passage».

What is abacus?

Analysis is a game of firing in first person cooperative, available for PC (Steam, Epic, Xbox) and Xbox Series S | X. It has a parties’ system to play with your friends, or you can play only with IA to complete the episodes or the weekly challenge.

Players have access to basic and special weapons, they can discover advantages to improve their career and face different enemies as they advance at each level.

How long is the abacus?

While the full game time may depend on your group and if you delete, the episodes vary from 1.25 to 2 hours each at all levels. There are currently 3 episodes, with 5 planned, plus a weekly challenge that adds some additional time.

Can you change the Analysis difficulty?

There is no configuration of difficulty in The Analysis: the game scale the number of aliens and specials according to the size of your group and how you advance through a level. The game is completely controlled by a director of IA that generates all enemies, runs each special and place each element with which you are, which allows you to dynamically scale the difficulty up or down!

How to change your Analysis character

Actually, you can not select with what character you play at The Analysis (at least in Launch Edition). Players are assigned a character according to the order in which they join the lobby. Here is the order of selection of characters:

  • Leader of the party — script
  • Second player — Tessa
  • Third player — Liu
  • Fourth player — Lanka

If you want to play with a specific character, make sure you join the lobby in the previous order!

Abacus advice for beginners

While most players should not have too many problems to break through The Analysis, there are some useful tips that can make your games even better.

Change analysis configuration

By default, there are some automatically enabled functions that some players may want to change before jumping to the first episode.

Analysis aiming assistance settings


The configuration of Analysis Aim Assist can be found in Options> Game.

  • Shooting magnetism: Direct your shots at nearby goals, change according to the scope.
  • Reticle Snap: Adjust your grid towards a nearby goal when you point down.
  • Stickiness: according to your configuration here, your sensitivity changes when you pass over an enemy (only controller)
  • Granada assistance: If you are enabled, the pomegranates go directly to the place you sign up. Deactivation gives a more traditional globe

If you are an FPS veteran, you may want to disable some of these. The Grenade Assist, especially, is a bit confusing if you do not realize that it is activated.


By default, this is disabled, so if you plan to jump to Quick Play with others, you will want to enable it. At the same time, Ability clicks to talk, so you can eat fried potatoes without crunching in the ears of others.


Analysis AFK mode is probably one of my favorite features that have in the game.

Do you need to run to the bathroom? Dog running down the hall with a roll of paper towel? No problem, just open the menu and press «AFK Mode» to get away and IA will take control for you. When you return, you can recover the character without any problem, and you will not have to wait to join again!

Acquire benefits and accumulation bonuses

As mentioned in our Analysis advantage guide, there are many advantages that you can choose to complement your game style. Each player has a different style of play, so if you like grenades, you can choose those advantages, or if you want to be a healer, there are also advantages for that.

Take extra time to explore every corner and crack: finding the subject compilers is essential to maximize their advantages and finish the final fight of each level. Sure, you can dispense with them, but have some good bonuses is useful when you harass you!

do not sleep using good

GOO Grenades are super versatile. You can not only use them to slow down enemies, but you can also combine them with advantages to cure your team and even fire.

Yes, you can throw Goo and then use an incendiary grenade or a laser rifle to light it, slowing down and damaging enemies over time.

Opens all the doors

Yes, you can open doors in the analysis. While you will not receive a warning, you can open any illuminated door in blue and some that are painted green / orange. It is worth opening every one you find, because sometimes you will find elements or even a matter compiler!

Gross can break shields

While the shield grenade is excellent to prevent the horde from hitting you, the gross will cross them!

Treat each special differently

We detail this more in our Andalusian Enemy Guide, but it is important that you treat each enemy differently. You will want to burn Grabbers quickly, dodge bottles as much as possible and more. While each situation is different, the specials can end a career very quickly if you do not concentrate on them!

That’s all for our guide and advice for Analysis beginners. See more guides below!

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