League of Legends: The Call – LoL Saison 2022

League of Legends (Lol abstract) is a computer game released in 2009 of the online Battle Field, Free-To-Play, developed as well as modified by Riot Games on Windows and also macOS.
The main setting of the video game sees 2 groups of 5 gamers in real time in parts of concerning half a hr, each group occupying as well as defending its own base on the map. These characters, known as champions in the game, have special skills and also a video game style that is clean. They gain power over the video game by collecting experience points as well as acquiring items, in order to defeat the opposing team.
Initially influenced by Defense of the Ancients, a former Warcraft III Mod, the game is published on October 27, 2009, as well as takes on a Freemium economical design. It is commonly thought about the video game with the largest affordable scene on the planet, its competitors being global and combining essential hearings. The World Championship of League of Legends 2019 (EN), for instance, brought with each other greater than 44 million simultaneous spectators throughout its popularity comes to a head in November 2019.

League of Legends has received generally favorable objection of objection, winning rates for its accessibility, the design of its personalities as well as its competition. In July 2012, he was the initial computer game in the variety of hours played in Europe and also the USA. Its crucial popularity has led to the creation of derivative items such as music clips, comics, information, porcelain figurines, and also a collection of computer animation called Arcane.
The success of the video game also offered birth to a number of various other video clip games found in the very same globe, such as Legends of Runeterra, a collection card video game, Spoiled King: A League of Legends Story, a role-playing video game, and League of Legends: Wild Rift, adaptation on mobile as well as lol console.

Of course, the gamers who are not fans of League of Legends and do not play the highly popular Mob themselves: When the people of Riot Games are injecting a season, then you will not get an absolutely ingenious cinematic trailer, technically, visually and acoustically not less than a masterpiece is. On January 7, 2022, the new season is started and Riots designers are waiting repeatedly with one of these stunning trailers in which every pixel is right and every sound fits easy! We will explain to you the following to what part of the Runeterra story the trailer The Call turns — and if you want to know more about Arcane, then we put the Netflix series to League of Legends of course to the heart! D

The League of Legends — mortality and gods

Well, maybe we are with The Call also in the league of the legendary trailer. ^^ Hardly a developer studio celebrates the start of a season as Riot — the studio is likely to be unchallenged leader in the respects. If in the context of this cinematic trailer is not exactly targeted to a certain narrative, as well as about 2021 with Diego and the destruction, the history book of Runeterra is pitched. With orchestral under cast songs, a piece of the story of Legends is repeatedly told. But what part of the story shows Riot us this time? Which champions are to be seen, which this time put the dangers?


The trailer starts with Oran, the God of the volcanic smithy. Theoretically, he is only a half god, but it’s his job to remember other gods where their place is. For example, Olivier, which is combusted by Olaf and Segueing.

Segueing, Olaf and Olivier

Olivier is a half god and the manifestation of the storm. He hates the fragility of humanity and wants to make Record back to what he knew — a world fulfilled by fear, in the blood flows on the agenda. Wars in Record are generally nothing new, but the merciless, with the Olivier fought, shook the solid band himself between him and his brother Oran. Olivier is only aimed at fighting the peoples of Records. Segueing forge the in the history in the deepest winter by Graham McNeil the plan to steal a boiler of Oran and so also to damage Olivier.

Kai’SA and Aliyah

In history interwoven by empty by Dana Query Shaw , we have already learned from the Alliance between Kai’SA and Aliyah. Aliyah wants to lead her people to the village of Nolan. In the history The Faceless Goddess by Graham McCall is told by the title goddess Soleimani, who healed people in the wars. Stonemason worked in Nolan at a statue of this goddess, though nobody knew how she looked. In a single night her face was revealed, but the creatures of emptiness broke out of the ground and frying every living creature in Nolan.

The statue in the trailer should probably be this goddess and because no one could finish her face, it is covered by a rock. Kai’SA and Aliyah have arrived in Nolan, crossing the Great Desert SAI Kathleen and meet the creatures of the emptiness that occupied the place Nolan. Who sees the creatures, the Her’s SAI, will certainly think about Red’SAI. Red’SAI will also be the biggest of all, because it is the queen of the emptiness. Fun fact: All champions of empty or empty-born wearing an apostrophe in the name.

Pantheon and Leona

Pantheon, whose name actually is Atreus, once had divine power. He survived a deadly attack and became aware of his own mortality. He learned to deal with it and made itself as a newborn Pantheon’s task to face all the divine of the world of Runeterras.

So also against the Solar Leona, because it is the aspect of the sun. The solar is a trunk of the Razor and worship the sun. Leona boasts the summit of Mount Jargon and wore in itself from then on the aspect of the sun. Thus, she became one of the goals of Pantheon, but as a sacred warrior and aspect, she would never give up a fight.

lol is not just beating mob

The story of the story of League of Legends (Buy Now €99.99) and the world of Runeterra are absolutely great! So really, even if the game absolutely does not pick you up, the world and its characters give a chance. The story is not told anyway in the game, but takes place completely separately. There are champion trailers, event animations, season trailers or if you look at the offshoot Legends of Runeterra, character videos. In addition, all Champions have on the homepage of League of Legends character entries and short stories, including comics! On top of that you can watch the map of Runeterra and explore the world! And last there is of course also Arcane! ^^

What are you so about stories of video games? Which people have convinced you? Which would you like to get to know?

By the way: The video to The Call was produced in partnership with Unit Image and Ben Iron, and realized with the artists Video 2wei, Louis Labored and Edda Hayes. The Call was written by Louis LOOF Labored, Hermann Schepetkov, Christian Coriander and Simon Seeger.

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