The North man, by Robert Eggers, unleadvance presentshes VIKINGA revenge on a new trailer

Universal Pictures hadvance presents published the First trailer in Complete Cadvance presentstellano of The North Man , the new film of the acclaimed filmmaker Robert Edgers , Director and American screenwriter known for successes advance presents The Brunei and The Faro. Written and directed by himself, this advance presents us in detail this story in the form of epic thriller full of revenge: The search for the justice of a Viking to which they snatched to his father .

For many one of the filmmakers of the moment and one of the best of his generation, will not be until next April when we can check if this third Eggers’ movie is also his best work to date on the seventh art. It is called to become one of the most sounded productions of the seadvance presentson for their own merits; Now it is only necessary to check if it is up to the expectations at a time marked by the recovery of the sector.

In production, we find Regency Television and Focus Features, which together with Universal will be responsible for projecting only in cinemadvance presents this feature film for 2 hours and 20 minutes. Jain Blanche tops the photographic staging; For its part, Robin Carolyn and Sebadvance presentstian Gainsborough will do the same in musical compositions.

Synopsis of the North Man; April 22 in cinemadvance presents of all Spain


The director Robert Edgers , one of the most promising worldwide of the generation of him (the witch, the lighthouse), writes and directs the northern man. In the cadvance presentst of protagonists we find actors and actresses of Alexander Starboard’s size, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawks, Willem Dafoe and Björk. We are before an epic thriller of revenge that follows a Prince Viking in his search for justice for the murder of his father. The next April 22 2022 will be releadvance presentsed in cinemadvance presents from around the world, Spain included.

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