Webzen Character Brand Webzen Friends Uncle

On top of that, Wezen is gradually broadening partnership companions as well as strategies to expand the sort of Wezen Friends personality brand goods as well as sales.

Wezen strategies to expand the personality brand business as well as Mum, as well as R2, as well as its very own game IP. Consequently, Wezen officials stated, ‘The qualities of its numerous video game IPs are reconfigured by straightforward, special design, and attempt to develop a range of manufacturing/ affiliate with products that combine practicality.’

The Wezen Friends sells garments items and Qingdao collaboration products using essential characters that appear in its game mu collection. Among the personality brand names released in the video game industry, it is the initial brand that is officially qualified to environment.

Wezen revealed that the 11th, its character brand name ‘Wezen Buddies’ officially held online fashion store unrealistic.

Wezen Plan as well as the atmospheric shop partnership can be located on the homepage of the atmospheric store.

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