EA and also Respawn presented the brand-new occasion Dark Depths for Apex Legends. The event runs from January 11 to February 1st and consists of a brand-new sector card, thematically matching cosmetic things as well as numerous lightning occasions.

These brand-new web content is waiting for the tales in the event Dark Depths :

Lightning events: Legends can complete obstacles in every week to obtain a brand-new set of one-of-a-kind prices and also plaques. Classic prices are Peak packs, holograms, skins and also even more.
Thematic cosmetic things: Players can open cosmetic objects that turn tales right into terror out of the deep. Furthermore, epic skins can be purchased for Ash, Perspective, Lifeline and Fuse.
Dark Depth Packs: Players can protect for 400 peak coins short-term dark-depth packs and unlock cosmetic objects, tools amulets, trackers and also even more. The pack assures the activation of a (not double) thematic dark-depth event things, which can additionally be made with producing steels.

Apex Legends: Dark Depths Event Trailer

New Arenen Card Habitat: Habitat 4 is just one of the tiniest islands of the archipelago of the new Antilles. It is referred to as the Brutstätte for Leviathans, since the very early research groups of the IMC have actually surprisingly experienced a large population of Leviathans as well as established Habitat 4 as the basis for the behavioral studies of the creatures.

Gradually worn down and formed terrain of Habitat 4 includes a big fall and the nest and the cave, which are situated on raised positions in contrary components of the island. The new map offers slot placements and also fast escape routes, so that tales can promptly support your group when they are apart or in the lower-mentioned.

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