Biathlon in Oberhof with hurdles

Struggling Stars, weather chaos at the home World Cup and only one month to the Olympics — actually had Mark Kirchner every reason to panic. But the coach of the biathletes are located at the Start of usual left. Worries one must not do, the 51-year-old said, for example, to the fact that is missing from Franziska Press, a medal hope at the first race of the year in Oberon. Denise Herrmann was last ill. Kirchner does not bring out of the rest. I am convinced that it presents itself strongly at the Olympics, he said.

Oberhof Women's Mass Start | 2019–20 Biathlon World Cup

When Kirchner on Wednesday in his home county Thuringia arrived at training, it had finally snowed again. Eight days with temperatures sometimes exceeding ten degrees, warm wind and too much rain to the Christmas holidays already well-groomed trail had more completely destroyed at the Bernstein. With an effort the volunteers saw to it that is to think back to competitions. The sprint of the men at the start already had to be postponed as a precaution from Thursday to Friday. It should remain the only scheduling change to Sunday.

snow from the depot

I am convinced that the schedule can be carried out normally. Temperatures and weather look positive, said Kirchner. A violent change in the weather gave the organizers a lot of work. You could have tears in your eyes get, said Kirchner to state the arena and trails beginning of the week. The snow had almost completely disappeared and had to trawl by truck from the not very distant snow depot be replenished. Now even natural snow fell and made finally for relaxation.

A normal World Cup, it is in the Thuringia Forest but not again. Where else thousands spectators celebrate the stands remain empty due to the tense situation corona. Fearing Omicron also the hygiene measures were tightened. The German Singer concentrate fully in spite of all obstacles to the Olympic preparation. There is potential there, with victory services and terminal services, said Kirchner to so far this season, but had to admit clear: We currently have no complete athlete constant in both sub-regions with the front is.

situation around Press very angry

Last season, the 27-year-old Press running and shooting had best combined, was third in the World Cup has become. After the Bavarian was bent over in December in France, it is the first of two home games not yet back into shape. Whether the former World Champion can start next week in Upholding, initially remained open. The situation was very, very angry and unhappy, said Kirchner, but also did not get stressed from it: There is plenty of time to come back with appropriate training to Peking Man must always remain optimistic.

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