Person developer advances the launch of an important game for 2022

The developer of the Series, Atlas, has mocked that he intends to launch a new important game in 2022. While Atlas has already left the launch. Shin mega mi tense v in recent months and has also persona 4 arena ultimate aligned to reach new platforms next March, it seems that the Japanese developer is intended to go even greater than some fanatics initially expected for the next anus.

In a new publication through a Japanese publication. Fujitsu, Shinji Takeda de Atlus spoke about what he expects the study to achieve next year. Although Takeda did not mention any game or franchise specifically, he said that Atlas expects to launch a title to the world that will become a pillar for Atlas. He continued saying: The staff is working hard in development to do something that is interesting and satisfying for all, so I would be happy if I could wait for it.

According to the way Takeda described this next Atlas project, it seems that the company will launch a new IP of some kind next year, assuming that everything goes as planned. While person and Shin Mega mi Tense could be the biggest franchises that Atlas has, that the study wants to launch a new pillar seems to suggest that this will be something completely new.

At this time, the game to which Takeda probably referred to these comments is that of project re fantasy. Developed for the first time in 2016, project re fantasy is expected to be a new role-play of the study. Over the years, Atlas has remained very silent over the game, although it has continued to reaffirm that it is still under development. After a long period of silence, all signs point to project re fantasy making a reappearance next year, and based on these new comments, it may even end up being launched.

What are you waiting for Atlas to launch during next year? And do you think that this title that has been mentioned by Takeda is most likely that of project re fantasy ? Let me know your own thoughts in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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