LOL PowerPoints Memes and the emotional farewell of a blind player the most voted in Reddit in 2021

With the disappearance of the official game forums a few years ago, it is more than evident that the great League of Legends Discussion Plaza is, with the permission of Twitter, the Subreddit of the Mob. With 5,55, 6004 people subscribed to this forum, it is more than evident that it is a nerve center of the Riot Games game.

For this reason, at this time of reviewing the year, it is receipt to take a look at this forum and see what you liked most during these past 365 days. Let’s review the most voted posts of this 2021 to fire it.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez steals a baron neither

The prize for the most voted post of the year is for US policy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (known as AOC). In May this 2021 she shared an Instagram of League of Legends in the Instagram of League of Legends starring her lux. As you can see in the footage, she manages to steal a baron Nash or with her final R-spark.

It is not the first occasion in which the policy of the House of Representatives of the United States publicly makes League of Legends, but on this occasion, and with 48,600 positive votes, AOC becomes the Queen of Reddit.

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The fashion of PowerPoint presentations

There is no doubt that among both player and forego, there will always be someone with enough talent and imagination to create a new fashion. This year was the basic object of the second post more voted with the entire Subreddit de League of Legends: a PowerPoint presentation. 43,500 Positive votes had this thread from which we are talking about.

This particular post speaks of Darius, and a player who justifies why he wants the champion to receive buffs. But throughout the year this format became popular to interact with your teammates during the selection of champion and convince them about your capabilities in a certain role or character. Don’t you like your pick to starting comrades? You can teach you the benefits of your champion with a presentation in Google Docs.

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Watch People Die Inside #29 ????

Arcane was the protagonist of the year

It’s not surprising to see here at arcane. The animation series of Netflix, Riot Games and Article has exceeded all expectations and has been consecrated as one of the productions of the year. And it is more than understandable that League of Legends fans are like crazy with her.

The trailer confirmed the exit of the series for this fall came to the 36,800 positive votes. There is no doubt that it has been the most commented of this 2021.

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two successful memes

This first meme has 35,900 positive votes and is really ingenious. He stops thinking about how it is for the rest of players when Mordakaiser arrives and loads with his R — Kingdom of death against a champion. We all know that for those who are within that kingdom, the 1VS1 fight is fond of. But for others, we barely see two balls of colors moving. Oh, and the Simpson never fail.

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The second meme kneaded 34,500 positive votes and is a fun comparison between a team composed of Benetton and four guardians of the stars. The crocodile is more than out of place, just like in that Frame of the Anime Princess Tutu.

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A story and a reality about visual diseases

The sixth and seventh post voted by Reddit refer to two visual diseases, but quite differently. The first of them, with 34,200 votes, talks about how poor it is the Dalton mode of League of Legends, despite the promises of different Rioters on this matter. Just a color change in some game systems, but not in champions or skills.

But the last post of this list, with 31,600 positive votes, is the letter open to the community of a player who is running blind and can not enjoy League of Legends never more. We picked up this text in the superior news, and we can affirm that it is one of the most emotional moments of the year we have lived around the game.

I hate that League of Legends was what I have made me understand as real and irreversible is this loss of view […] I want to make use of this huge letter to thank the players and the team behind the game. You have brought many things to my life that I hope you can stay now that League of Legends is no longer part of it. Whatever happens, I will remember these moments of my life with love, and that has no price, count at the end of the text

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