Silas here, Silas the, Silas everywhere. Around eight months, the Stuttgart must wait for the return of your favorite. Already weeks before the game against the PSV Mainz, all are electrified as titteralaes. Not only the Stuttgart footballers, also and especially the Stuttgart followers: When the 23-year-old will enter the lawn of the Mercedes-Benz Arena on this November 26th in the 85th minute, even I can assert with fault And fan love little to have nothing at the hat, a little goose bumps.

A substitution in several files

Already in the compulsory place to visit before the game, in thick winter clothes and actually difficult to recognize, the consoles of a few dozen early arrivals from the Cannstatter curve is recognized and celebrated with venue. During the game, Silas speakers clapped from the stands filled with around 25,000 spectators, which slowly but steadily to a tsunami wave consisting of calling, screaming and clapping.

Unstable as the attacker for warming, from all directions is louder, when he is quoted to the coach, the thick training jacket pulls out, the nozzle pulls up, from Pelegrín Matarazzo still a hug and a few encouraging words as well as a slap, and the referee assistant The exchange board with the 30 for Roberto Massimo and the 14 of Silas enclosed in the air. Then the wave of enthusiasm collapses 251 days after his cruciate ligament injury blissful above all, all and especially the crowd pleaser.

False identity and wrong age: The fans still love their Silas

Hell noise in the stadium for the boy with the steady smile in the face, who had deceptively deceived the CFB, his followers, the entire football world at the question of his true identity. Under Silas Wamangituka, the Congolese had been committed to the FC Paris. Under Silas Atom Mumps, he introduces himself in June 2021 to the public. About one year older than before.

Behind the Goal Stuttgart v Mainz
Due to identity leaching, the immigration office enters the plan, which has not yet made a final verdict until today. From DFB, the attacker is blocked for three months, which he is on during his injury break. For the fans this is all secondary. They love their Silas, as he now wants to be called only. You only see the athlete, a victim of trafficking in professional football and a hope for the troublesome and little successfully through the season Quiet Stuttgart Offensive.

Smiling a whole city

The Swabia win against Mainz even without proving the light-footed striker, which can not hide after the game before loves of love. Even if he tries. Behind the teammates, which after 2: 1 waving into the curve, which in turn seeks to see loud Silas and stops only when the 23-year-old is shy and with a shy grin on the face, waving and shorts to the cabin. Silas smiles, a whole city, and even I smile.

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