FIFA 22 All about Headliners the new event of Ultimate Team date predictions and more

Independent Games Festival (IGF) is an annual event that awards ingenious computer game produced by independent video game developers. It is inspired by the Sun dance Celebration as well as takes area during the Game Developers Seminar since 1999. Among the titles granted at the IGF are Pigtail, Globe of Goo, Fez, Machination, Limbo, Minecraft, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Spunky, FT: Faster Than Light, Documents, Please, Her Story or Undertake.

If everything continues according to the plans, this Friday we will have new event in FIFA 22, so that we spend our time to Ultimate Team. And the leaks and traditions of others make us see that, probably, on Friday the headliners will arrive at Ultimate Team.

In the absence of the event of the event and the news is detailed, we will tell you everything we know so far.

How do Headliners work?

This classic FIFA event gives us special dynamic letters, to the style, for example, to Watch, so they can upload their assessment as their performance throughout the season, for example, being part of the Tow or if his real team earned a certain number of matches. Conditions can change this season.

Headliners predictions

There is still no official data, so we can not assume that the predictions will be fulfilled. But several insiders have already raised their headliner players’ lists. Last year we had players like Bruno Fernandes or Gretzky, so you can expect quality.

Media as the web FIF AUT. It has made its own predictions, so we transfer them with visas that they can be fulfilled. These are the players that they mention and that they would receive an improvement:

João Cancel

Vinicius Jr.


When are the headliners to FIFA?

If everything continues as expected, Headliners will come to Fut this Friday, December 31 at 7:00 p.m. (Peninsular Schedule). Last season was the first event of the year in FIFA and on this occasion, if we are guided by the data we know, it has all the visas to repeat the play.

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