FNAF security violation How to take Chica Gordon Bicker out of operation

The Five Nights at Freddy’s: Safety infringement Animatronics return to the latest issue of the series prominently. Now the release date has spoken around, and the players immerse both the lively and the dark atmosphere of the new place so that the players can experience the abundance of scary and threatening events in the pizzeria. In particular, they would like to get an advantage over the Animatronics, and it will be their highest priority in playing through the experience to find ways to take them out of operation. One of the characters that will hunt them on the entire map is Chica. This guide informs you about who is Chica and guides you through the process of how you can take Chica out of operation FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’s: Safety infringement.

Taking Down Glamrock Chica || Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach #5 (Playthrough)

Who is Chica in the Five Nights at Freddy’s Franchise

The Animatronic ‘Chica’ has been found since the very first part published in 2014 in the Five Night’s At Freddy’s games, which have passed years as in flight, because now there are eight games in the series. Chica acted as a secondary antagonist in the first game and was one of the main characters as it is the case throughout the series.

Chica is a yellow animatronic chicken, and they also carry a plate with a pink cupcake, which is best known in the community as Carl. Now you will meet Chica again in the new version.

How to put Chica in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach out of operation

To start the decommissioning of Chica, you must first Get the bowling card. This can be in the safety room and is located in the area Fazed Blast. Later, get the ‘Fazed Blaster’ to help (but is not mandatory) and drive with the elevator down into the security room. On the left side of the player is a door after leaving the elevator and then go through the hall to the security room. Get the bowling pass once inside.

Now you have the bowling card, you have to get ‘Monty’s Mystery Mix’ and this is located on the third floor of ‘Bonnie’s Bowling’. It is noteworthy that it can be found in the back room of the kitchen in a gift on top of the cupboards.

Then enter the back room of the first floor near the ice cream parlor and enter the door marked with ‘3’. Then go to another kitchen and there will be a garbage press. Since Chica likes to eat out of garbage, this will certainly be a meal of your life. ‘Monty’s Mystery Mix’ into the garbage press.

To start the garbage press, follow the cables and look for it and Activate the generator. Return to the kitchen and press the button on the garbage press, now an intermediate sequence is triggered, and you will monitor CHICA is shut down.

Follow the steps to decommissioning Chica this month in high nights at Freddy Series?

Five nights in Freddy’s Security Breach is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

— This article was updated on 20 December 2021

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