Altaron Polish Polish MMORPG today received the greatest update in its history

from one Tibia to the second Tibia.

Altar on — Polish Polish MMORPG also referred to as Polish Tibia today (at 12:00) the largest update in its history.


Almost twice a bigger map, and with her jungle, volcanoes, or tropical islands in the ocean. To do so dozens of new monsters and hundreds of res pavings, for players with a different level of experience.

Tens of unique NPC, developed plot and many climatic missions.

A great, unique city of Kayaking.

As well as new equipment for everyone and many, many smaller changes and large surprises.

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A new seasonal server also took part, which will live a few months (December 18, 2021 – 20 March 2022) and which will work on special, accelerated rules.

Exp 2x: twice faster gain experience, for missions and from monsters
Skill 2x: twice faster skill acquiring
Boss 2x: Bossy will be drawn twice more often
Non-PVP zone: Non-PVP zone will be removed from cities
Missions: The waiting time in the missions of Fish with Kamil and organs has been reduced
Spells: Differences from widespread criminal daggers in humans have been reduced, increased damage to the death bullet at lower levels, temporarily shutdown.

Aaron was created on a Tibia engine, but ultimately — except for appearance — it is vain here for similarities with the work of Airsoft. The Altar on has original systems, gameplay mechanics and graphics.

Welcome here.

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