Sonic Colors Ultimate New patch with numerous bug fixes and a celebration

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Everything The New Sonic Colors Ultimate Patch Fixed! (Sonic Colors  Ultimate Patch 3.0)
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As Sega reports, there is a new patch for Sonic Colors: Ultimate (from 26.35 € buy) on all platforms available. With the update not only numerous errors are addressed and fixed, but also so-called quality-of-life improvements are integrated and the new Celebration pack are added. Speaking of Celebration : Sitting Sega published a fresh trailer in which the appearance of the raging hedgehog is celebrated with quotes.

Here is the overview of the changes:

Celebration Pack:
New content for Sonic, inclusive…

Burst shoes
Burst gloves
Firework Boost
Firework Aura

Quality-of-Life improvements:

Ultimate Mix / Original Mix Soundtrack Toggle
Full screen Boost Blur on / off-Toggle
Tails navigation on / off-toggle
Improved view of the Cyan WISP Adornment

General bug fixes:

Improved stability on all platforms
Update of the opponent attack speed
Improved Green Hover Ring Dash function
Improved visibility of the Big Chaser Attack (especially for Nintendo Switch)
Numerous other bug fixes

Sonic Colors: Ultimate was released on September 7, 2021, for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. In the test on Ultimate, the hedgehog was able to retract a rating in the good area.

Last updated video: Accolades trailer

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