Kramer looks hope for uncomfortable time

It was certainly not that we played Frankfurt on the wall. But it was a step in the right direction, even the last three training days ago. The second half was again unbelievable wild. In order, we did it then To get rich water and even to get sensible rooms. But the obviousness goes completely lost, even if you have the rooms. Since every foot is not equipped with self-confidence, Christoph Kramer summed up Sky after the game.

Kramer: Know how fast it can go

His coach ADI Hunter studied the defeat against his ex-club as undeserved as he saw a team, who must lead at least 2: 0 in the first half. Although the equalizer of Contract almost with the half-time whistle was in fact a little out of that, however, the foal elf in the first half had by no means with opportunities.

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The table situation for the VFL is now an unpleasant point from the last four plays, because only two counters separate the Russia from the relegation plate 16. It’s an uncomfortable time, we all know how quickly that can go. In front of five games we also had 18 points and one said: Oh, two points to the Champions League. Now it’s two points to rank 16, Kramer said, but that could be that it could happen as fast again: Maybe In a few weeks, we have two points behind the Champions League, which can go very fast in football. We have to spoil the soup now but for the last three days very well.

Hunter: Frankfurt may thank Trap

Matthias Winter also stalled the way in the first half as alright, but also added a little sarcastically: Much worse than the last two games hardly went.

In any case, coach Hunter wants to take the positive from the Frankfurt game with the Low Round Finals on Saturday (15.30 clock) at the TSG Cofferdam. In the end we fought passionately. Frankfurters may also thank Kevin Trap, the Austrians stated. And did not quite wrong.

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