Real Madrid belonged to the clubs, which were difficult to separate from their loose on Monday after the original draw of the Champions League eighth-finished final: Benefice Lisbon should be table second behind FC Bayern in the group stage.

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When the UEFA managers had evolved in the draw severe mistakes, the royal apparently put some levers in motion in order to prevent the draw from being completely repeated.

Surprisingly, unfortunate and very difficult to understand

Your argument: The pairing against Benefice was drawn right at the beginning — in front of the patrons of UEFA Secretary-General Giorgio Marched and Competition Director Michael Heselschwerdt. However, UEFA did not follow them and took the draw in the afternoon in all over again.

And because Real moved with Paris St. German a supposedly sophisticated opponent, the trouble did not train, but was only greater. In Spanish media it is said, internally speaking of shame spoken. The rage in Madrid is monumental, writes about the AS.

According to March, the Real Responsible keep the decision to repeat the overall draw for as hair-raising as the breakdowns at the first attempt. The fact that UEFA pushed them to an external service provider should not be particularly well-received by the La-League leader.

Officially club director Emilio BUTRAGUENO studded the approach of UEFA as surprising, regrettable and very difficult to understand. The duels with PSG will nevertheless be full enthusiasm. We hope to be back in the quarterfinal outlet.

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