Ingress is an Augmented Reality/ Alternate Fact Video game developed by Ni antic Labs, today Ni antic, Inc., for mobile devices with operating systems as well as iOS. The game is had fun with the help of the place information of the GPS outdoor and utilizes buildings, monoliths and various other attractive real life objects to divide and make the online game world. In the game, there are two teams that contend against each other with the aim of bringing as big public locations as possible under their digital control.

It does not often happen that we leave a good hair at the community management of Ni antic overlooking Pokémon Go. Support, yes, which takes place, for example when players report problems via Twitter or In game function. But real management of a community, that is less capitalized at Pokémon Go and Ni antic — not for nothing, a few weeks ago, the developer’s biological key became a lively exchange with key figures of the gaming community and more transparency.

However, the fans still feel little of both. But good. To see how the management of an Ar-Game community can work, the people of Ni antic would not even look far across the box — but just to the colleagues of Ingress.

In honor of Kublai

One of our faithful fans has explained us via Facebook following the following situation after he meant that we only report negative things about game developers. The following is done at the Ingress community: It’s about two weeks, the German player community of Ingress was a little nice news. The well-known and popular player Kublai Aka Cuba was fatally crashed.

Ingress, to explain, is the first AR game of Ni antic, based on the basis of Pokémon Go. In the game, two factions arose against each other, the enlightened and the resistance. Both try to claim extraterrestrial energies and external knowledge for themselves, and of course, the agents of the political groups remain rather among themselves.

But when the news of Cubic fate made the round, also players of the resistance were sad, though Cuba counted to the enlightened. It quickly stood that the fans of Ingress in the game wanted to organize a funeral service.

Together thanks to Ni antic support

OPR Ingress เหตุเกิดจากดราม่า (มาทำความรู้จัก OPR กันเถอะ)
Because the celebration should take place during the week, at a time when not so fast everyone was available, the player community manager this asked for some support. A niantic-implemented Beacon, almost a signal fire, which every ingress player could pick up once for free to place it in the game: The via-Lux-Beacon, as you can read in Cubic Telegram Group.

International players were attentive and suspected directly a secret event. After it was clarified that the Beacon had been made available in honor of a deceased, popular ingress agent, Ingress fans joined worldwide and in turn participated in the funeral. Not only the German Ingress Community, but also the worldwide will Pub now retain in luminous memory.

Thanks to our fan, for reasons, we do not call his name now. But thank you for telling us this story! And our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Kublai.

And what do the Pokémon Go people learn from it?

Ingress is much stronger than Pokémon Go driven by the community, finally there are two fractions that constantly plotting and intriguing against each other. In Pokémon Go, the three factions are more likely to be smarter than that they had really great influence on the game. Accordingly, Pokémon Go players often see themselves as a single fighter.

That you are somehow can also see Support of Giant for something like community: Direct communication channels with Ni antic are Twitter and (from time to time) Reddit, an official forum does not exist. Pokémon Go fans feel largely alone and that is not to be flooded.

We hope that the people of Ni antic also look, how they are not only constantly crafting new features in the game, but what a great deal of players is driving. Even from other areas of gaming, we already know that it is meaningful and important to maintain the player community and to give her the feeling of being taken seriously.

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