Despite Morata hits Unrefatives Juventus leaves points in Venice

The game started with an early setback for the guests from Turin: After only twelve minutes, captain and top striker Ayala had to be replenished. Nevertheless, the old lady in the initial phase was the better team. Venice stood deep, but was offensive to offer nothing. The best chance of the initial phase was a long-distance shot Quadrants in the 16th minute.

Morita cracks the defensive bar

As a result, the dominant guests lacked in the last third but also to ideas. June bites the teeth to Venice behind, until Morita cracked the defensive strike: after pointing from Pelegrín he began the ball with the thigh in the net (32.).

Of Venice, there was hardly anything about Venice in the first half, apart from a long-distance shot of Congo (39th), the hosts hardly appeared in the opposing half. So it went with the 1: 0 in the break.

Ara mu punished passive June

The householders came bravely from the cabin, from Juventus was hardly something to see at the beginning of the second half. Again and again Venice combined in front of the Turin’s penalty area, but found no solutions here. Finally, Ara mu touched a heart and hammered the ball dry to 1: 1 in the left lower corner (55.).

Juventus became stronger in the episode and had more game shares, but in the last third, the guests lacked creativity. Venice defended in this phase disciplined. The best chance of Bernadeschi could thwart Romero with a gloss parade (66.).

Then little happened on both sides: Venice seemed satisfied with the draw, June did not find any solutions. Although the old lady moved again in the final minutes, the Turin could no longer avert the draw. So the game ended with 1: 1, the Champions League places remain for June so far away.

Venezia 1-1 Juventus | Stalemate in Venice as Morata Scores | Serie A Highlights
The FC Venice is the next match day at Amphora Genoa, for June is the FC Bologna.

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