Forza Horizon 5 Waterfall location Where is the waterfall in Mexico

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The map of Fora Horizon 5 is crammed with beautiful natural wonders. From gentle dunes over active volcanoes to tropical forests, there are certainly many stunning scenes for their creations in photo mode.

However, it seems to be waterfalls on the players of Fora Horizon 5 are currently crazy — and not only because they are beautiful to look at. This week is a waterfall associated with a Fora Horizon 5 Treasure Chest Location Challenge called Blazing Thunder, and his cryptic hint played the players rather loss.

Come on how you are for a fulminant trilogy across all paths, is the note while the picture shows a buggy passing past a large waterfall. Since the reference is so difficult to decipher, the players rely on the picture here. So where exactly is the location of the waterfall in Fora Horizon 5?

Fora horizon 5 waterfall location

The big waterfall fans like to find southeast of Atlantes de Tula and West of the Cascades de Agra Azul, in the south of Mexico.

Waterfall Location in Forza Horizon 5

It’s pretty easy to find if you know where it is, as it is connected with many rivers and is located right next to one of the Fora Horizon 5 Barn Find Locations. The exact location you can see below.

To unlock the chest, you must solve a puzzle, although there is some confusion in the community about this puzzle. Building on this, the community and a Reddit user who has completed it, says they need to complete a trail block activity or have 3 stars for trailblazer activity.

However, it is assumed that this is faulty and does not trigger the next part of the treasure hunt for some people. We tried both yourself and does not unlock the next step.

Therefore, we have to sit down and wait until Playground Games releases a fix, or skip the treasure hunt of this week.

Further locations in all Mexico can be found in our guide to solar module locations if challenges of them depend on the future.

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