According to English media reports, at least six players of the first team should be among the infected, there are more club employees. On Sunday, the Spurs had won 3-0 in the Premier League against Norwich.

Tottenham hit by Covid-19 outbreak
Trainer Antonio Conte has to go strongly substitute for the game against group winner Rennes on Thursday (21 clocks, live! At club employees), in which his team in the remote duel is still fighting with the dots of third Arnhem in the Conference League.

While the discharge of this game because of the strict UEFA rules — at least 13 available players a team must compete — should not be endangered, Tottenham could obtain a shift in the coming league game in Brighton on Sunday (15 o’clock) at the Premier League. This had shown himself in some corona-related game defaults in the preseason cooperator.

Against a cancellation, however, speaks that Tottenham has already gone with a still refilling league breed in the already fully packed December. The guest game in Burley had to be canceled on November 28 due to heavy snowfall.

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