V Rising Gothic M Mo with vampires Lada Moment moves with tests

Gothic climate + vampires + open world + open PVP + Full Loot in the event of death.

V Rising is one of the most promising titles (online) and therefore we encourage all players — for registration. With a little happiness, you will get to closed beta, and maybe even so-called Preliminary test that starts… still this week.

V Rising Looks Great - Here's What We Know

Welcome here.

For V Rising answers St unlock Studio — the creators of Bloodline Champions and Bettering who have recently been purchased by Tencent. Chinese giant having such vicious like Path of Exile, Warframe or League of Legends.

V Rising is a Survival network game with an open world where vampires play the main role. Players will be in a freshly awakened vampire, regaining power through hunting for people. Our task will be to rebuild your castle and will be a local Dracula.

This does not mean, however, that vampires are governed by the world. In v Rising will be vice versa, these creatures have been pushed on the margin and almost completely knocked. Therefore, our survival in this world will not be a challenge. We will get a great open world that we will visit ourselves or with other people — V Rising will offer a network gameplay, allowing not only to cooperate, but also for the competition between vampires.

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