FIFA 22 Totw 12 prediction of Ultimate Team Week Team with Son Vinicius and more

It is time to review what has happened in world football to know which players have possibilities to enter the team of the week tow 12 of FIFA 22.

As you know, Ultimate Team offers improved letters for limited time based on the performances of the players during the last day. Those who have highlighted in their league matches in the real world, will get a special Tow letter in Fut, which improves its base card. And they are always very attractive, well to have on our team or to negotiate or make SBS.

On this occasion, we leave you next prediction of the team of the week headed by are. The Korean player of the Spurs has left and everything points to him will be the reference of the new Tow. Vinicius could also reappear after a new exhibition. These are our predictions:


Diego Costa (Porto)
Royal Pierre-Gabriel (Brest)
Joel Matip (Liverpool)
André Camacho (PSV)
Alex Moreno (Bets)
Fred (Manchester United)
Hakan Calhanoglu (Inter)
Russian Malinowski (Atalanta)
Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid)
Son Heung-min (Tottenham)
Patrick Schick (Bavaria Leverkusen)

FIFA 22 TOTW 12 Predictions | Team of the Week 12 | Full TOTW 12 Prediction Fifa 22


Alan Lamont (Nantes)
Benny Schmitz (FC Kiln)
Franco Russo (Mallorca)
Bernardo Silva (Man City)
Anton Stack (Mainz)
Jessie (AC Milan)
Lucas Campos (Seville)
Nelson Martins (Monaco)
Martin Terrier (Rennes)
Lois Open (Finesse)
Giovanni Someone (Verona)

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