With the instant success of The Wonderful 101: Remastered’s Kickstarter, people started talking about the possibilities of other self-edited Platinum games, mainly Bayonet ta. The self-edition has many advantages, as to give the development team more freedom to follow its own artistic directions and avoid the feared exclusivity of the console. Unfortunately, even if Bayonet ta was created by Platinum Games, the intellectual property belongs to Nintendo and Sega, which means it will cost them a lot of money to buy the right to start even to grow.

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IGN Japan interviewed Sushi India on February 4 to ask them what they thought about Bayonet ta’s self-publishing. In the interview, which has been translated by Anime News Network, IN ABA said Nintendo particularly protected their intellectual properties. He added that this feeling came from Kyoto culture of 3,000 years old.

Although Platinum Games has only requested $50,000 to start The Wonderful 101: Remastered, Bayonet ta will cost much more, and much of this money will not even be allocated to the development of the game. This is in addition to the fact that ‘They will not remember a game that already exists, which means that the cost of development will also be higher.

India, however, showed a great interest in Bayonet ta’s self-publishing. He stated that although working with publishers mitigates many financial problems and is a necessity in the industry in many cases, you also lose a lot of success if the game is a great success, such as Bayonet ta. Having no control over your creative work is a lot to sacrifice, and be strength related to the original publisher is far from ideal.

Having had very little news on Bayonet ta 3 since the announcement of Switch in 2017, and India having spoken of Bayonet ta 4 since 2018, we can not prevent us from thinking that something is preparing below for IP. Maybe Platinum Games is in talks with Nintendo and Sega about the pure and simple purchase of rights?

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