Fortnite Leaked New Map Trailer and Battle Pass to Chapter 3 That changes yourself

The new Map from Chapter 3 in Fortnite was jell acted with Battle-pass trailer. Epic Games himself has accidentally released the trailer. We show you all the details about skins, Map and what we still discovered.

Where does the leak come from? The leak originates from the Polish Twitter account to Fortnite. There you probably invited the trailer too early and then put him offline again later. The video includes all the important information regarding the Battle Pass, the new map, new weapons, mechanics and graphical improvements.

SPOILER WARNING: If you do not want to spoil you and prefer to wait until the release, listen to reading here and prepare you with our other Fortnite news on the event.

Jell act trailer for Chapter 3 Season 1 in Fortnite

This is the trailer: The trailer will be presented by the YouTuber Playmobil in this case. He has downloaded the accidentally published video and installed in one of his new videos.

What is in it? In the trailer there are a lot of innovations to see this:

Trees are degraded in detail and then align space damage (could be the speculative Unreal Engine 5)

Weather conditions — Tornados, storms with flashing and much more ensure variety in combat

Bags for throwing — contain tents to the weapon upgrade or a sprinkler to charge shields

Various varied Lois reminiscent of the Chapter 1 map with deserts or snowy valleys

Spider-Man and a new skin to the seven

Slip Feature — after the sprint it is possible to slip

New Collaborations — Gears of War

New Weapons — Sniper and Machine Gun

Fortnite CHAPTER 3 Trailer - Battlepass, Skins + NEW MAP!
New possible mythical object — crown of the climacteric — creates golden aura

New Animals — Giant Equip

Old vehicles go back like the quads

When does Chapter 3 start? This is not yet known, but if you need more information about the live event, we have written a contribution to all important key points for you.

Fortnite: Today the live event starts 3 — when is it going?

What do you think about the innovations for the 3rd chapter? Cancels there with you the hype, or would you have wished something else? Let’s know in the comments what you think!

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