Deck Rx the Spanish game that combines combats with letters races and rogueike

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Deck Rx is one of the lDeck Racest surprises of the Spanish independent scene this year 2021. Meteor byte Studios faces the latest hours of a Kickstarter campaign that can determine the materialization of this work, a rogue lite deck builder in The one who congenial elements of creation of cards of letters, races and fighting. Let us know more this title developed in Oviedo, Spain, whose artistic section wDeck Racested originality.

The Deck Racesturian team is very clear about what you are looking for with Deck RX, which aims to see the light soon on PC and Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles. We are in a world located in another galaxy where there is a sport that monopolizes all the looks; Although it is not a sport, but one in which races are disputed to life or death: Deck Races.

Deck RX plans its premiere in 2022; A look at the proposal

After centuries of continuous wars, the decks have achieved what all civilizations together could not: Peace. Humans, Aliens, Cyborgs and IDeck Races of all space systems compete in a race for immortality in the most seen sport of the galaxy. But only one will get it. The rest will die in the process, explains the study.

You can try a free demo from Deck Rx in Steam here.

Meteor byte Studios hDeck Races designed letter collection mechanics for the preparation of a deck (strategy), battles by shifts, clDeck Raceshes against headlines of zone and permanent death, that is why its Route context. All without losing the DNA of the racing games. In addition, all levels are handmade.

Deck RX will allow us to choose between different pilots and cars ; Each with a different driving style Deck Races well Deck Races different skills and special letters. Throughout the adventure we will travel through different planets by piloting by different atmospheres and circuits, for more challenging.

With the promise of offering elements such Deck Races shields, proximity mines, skidding or duels in the races, the game needs 10,000 euros in Kickstarter to get ahead.

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