On November 29, Up comer and Valorant Zone reported that NAIL Rivera Benito, player for Team Liquid, gave positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19). However, it is not a guarantee that the European squad must look for a replacement. George Geodes, Journalist for Up comer, elaborated what is happening.

VALORANT's NA LCQ DISASTER; What went wrong? - The Four Horsemen S1E9 (feat. George Geddes)

According to the Geodes report, Rivera contracted the virus weeks before arriving at Berlin for Valorant Champions. Unfortunately, a proof of the Covid-19 before the event showed a positive, forcing the relevant health protocols. The good news is that the Belgian-Moroccan presented a good recovery progress.

Apparently, none of the players and staff of Staff knew about the situation. Possibly it is due to the fact that the result arrived after complying with the mandatory quarantine period. Recall that the current context calls for a stay of certain isolated days before competing, especially in Germany. At the time of publishing the note, Riot Games did not comment on his social networks.

Geodes shared a little more about the Team Liquid mode of operation, which will follow the Berlin health protocols. Rivera can not compete next to his companions in the sand of the Valorant Champions by orders of the corresponding authorities. Instead, he will be isolated but with access to the competition server, which works under LAN technology. This so that there are no problems of latency or connection falls that harm the development of the conference.

Rivera arrived just in time to classify Team Liquid to the Valorant World Contest. He replaced James Cryptic Alex and, in the company of the brother of him ADSL Scream Benito, is one of the pieces in the unbeaten streak of the team. Coming soon, he will debut against the Latin American representative GRU ESPORTS, one of the strongest candidates in the region.

So far, there is no more information by any of the parties involved.

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