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After the fiasco at the annual general meeting, the responsible persons of Bavaria have now turned directly to the fans for the first time.

Unfortunately, this annual general meeting is not so expired as we are used by our FC Bayern, said it was in a message that FC Bayern sent by mail to the fans on Wednesday.

It was not the coordination of the coordination of the controversial cooperation with the Qatar airline Qatar Airways said: We all realized that we had a lot of a lot on the subject of Qatar. However, we ask again to understand that we are not over this evening could vote for an application, which was declared inadmissible in the morning of legal reasons as inadmissible.

In the course of this, the Muncher succeeded in conciliatory sounds. One wanted to move the Throw Dialogue instead of the agenda. At the appellant topic Qatar you want to find a way together.

According to the message, FC Bayern has already implemented a day after the AHV first steps in this direction. We have contacted those who have not been taken into account, first meetings have already been taken into account, and more were agreed for the next time
FC Bayern admits mistakes

However, President Gainer and Co. also mistaken mistakes: With all the turbulence — and we did not do everything right in this topic — despite everything in this pandemic, our club is exemplary in this pandemic: responsible personsy, economical as socially. We can, you can all, be very proud.

Full Match | FC Bayern vs. AC Milan 1-0 | International Champions Cup 2019
The highest controversial Qatar sponsorship is a thorn in the fans of Bavaria for a long time. At the latest since the Annual General Meeting, the Rekordmeister’s leaders now know how important the followers really is the topic.

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