The 2021– 22 3. Lisa is the 14th period of the 3. Lisa. It was originally arranged to start on 23 July 2021 and also conclude on 14 May 2022; however, the opening match in between VFL Osnabrück and MTV Duisburg needed to be postponed after Duisburg was quarantined due to COVID-19 instances, postponing the period start by one day. From this season forward, the German Football Association will enable clubs to put an enrolled logo design on the back of their shirts. The organization components were announced on 1 July 2021.

No, says Michael Schiele, all too much contact to Würzburg did not exist over the past few days. With Daniel Haggle he exchanged a little news, even with his then coaching team, which is now no longer active with the Schieles Farewells — otherwise radio-style was herring.

I am pleased to see the faces again, but it’s not so many, says Schiele before returning to the Wallenberg. In fact, haggle is one of a few players who have already carried the FSK shirt even to Schiele Schieles Farewells times.

New Association, New Task, New Goals — This has priority.

Michael Schiele

Schiele Farewell is only 14 months ago, but since then a lot has happened in Würzburg. A turbulent second league year with four coaches followed a false start in league three. Braunschweig, however, mixes on the front after the descent from the lower house. We are well in shape, says Schiele despite the most recent 0: 2 in Magdeburg, in which he has missed in front of the killer instinct and the compromiselessness — but he stresses: This is not a general problem.

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In Würzburg Schiele wants to return to success with his team. His own Schieles Farewells past is not more than a border note, so Schiele. What matters for him is the harmony. New club, new task, new goals — that’s priority, says Brunswick Coach.

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