Gamer collects over 2 700 copies of horrible burger king

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Leroy Patterson has presented one of the most curved video game collections on Reddit. The professional wrestler has more than 2,700 copies of a notorious Fast Food Game — and is far from full.

About taste, you can not argue — in some special cases, however, a discussion can hardly be dealt with. For example, at a Reddit post by Profi-Wrestler Leroy Patterson, which has accumulated in total absurd 2,706 copies of the Burger King Advertising Game Sneak King for the Xbox 360.

Wrestler makes a bonus Xbox 360 game to the collective object

In a post on Reddit, Wrestler Leroy Patterson shows it’s as well as bizarre video game collection — this consists primarily of a massive heap of copies of the game Sneak King, in which Gamer must maneuver the Burger King mascot by four levels. With a metacritical score of 54 and a user score of 5.6, the game probably does not have too many fans — but obviously a super fan.

According to its own statement, Patterson started first with a copy before he bought 50 discs of the game in a $1 dollar. Then he has ordered the Burger King Game in a larger amount and now set to collect as many copies of Sneak King as possible. To document his collection journey, he even founded his own YouTube channel. (Source: YouTube)


Gaming collection: idiosyncratic Burger King Collection

After Patterson’s first Reddit post paid for some attention, he has followed after another confession: apparently he has not only 2,700 copies of Sneak King, but also around 2,000 copies of the Burger King Games Big Bumping ‘And Pocket Bike Racer. (Source: Reddit)

With this mass of games, Patterson is likely to be the world’s largest Private Burger King Games Collection of the World its own — and will probably be pretty proud of it. The tastes are now different.

In addition to curious games there are also crazy consoles — we show you nine sloping platforms in our picture line:

With a total of more than 2,700 games, Leroy Patterson has an impressive gaming collection — but it is exclusively specimens of Sneak King, an obscure burger-king game for the Xbox 360.

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