Zelda Majora s Mask carries a 20 year mystery in itself which makes your score unique

In times of the internet, no secret is a long secret. Most major games are briefly disassembled shortly after release in numerous analyzes and every little secret and Easter Egg is discovered quickly. All the more exciting when suddenly mysteries appear, which has found no one for 20 years.

So it happens to the N64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Major’s Mask, which comes with a very special mystery around the corner.

Each score is unique

Major’s Mask is probably the most extraordinary part of the Zelda series and is already a great mystery with its time travel mechanics, the evoked mask dealer and the downgrading moon. But a programmer now discovered two decades after release a secret for which you would have to take a look behind the apocalyptic moon — it hides in the stars.

At the beginning you choose Major’s Mask as in the other Zelda parts also your player names. By default, the Link, but can also be changed on, for example, your own name. And this name determines the positions of the stars, which you can see in the sky. It means: Each of you has a unique starry sky, based on the name you have chosen at the beginning.

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But that raises more questions than answered. Were there a hidden quest line or feature that has never made it to the finished game? Which purpose should the unique starry sky meet? Safe is only: There is no such function in all the following Zelda role games. Here all nightlights look the same.

Other Zelda secrets could soon expect us in Zelda: BOTH 2, which is to be shown according to a Leak at the Game Awards 2021.

What is your theory to the starry sky in Major’s Mask? What are your favorite secrets and mysteries of the Zelda series? Tell us in the comments!

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