Halo Infinite begins to flood in tricks and Xbox players want to deactivate the crossplay

A real penalty for those who thought they had found a haven of peace in Halo Infinite: as their fellow Genre Call of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2042, the Multiplayer of the Xbox Brand Cutting also suffers from cheating-related problems: Various Webs of tricks offer you a program capable of becoming a demigod by a small handful of dollars.

In Beta version for two weeks, it is likely that the multiplayer title of 343 Industries will quickly become inhabitable if the study does not address the problem quickly. With its system of progression particularly criticized, traps are another factor that could dissuade players from throwing hours from this multiplayer.

With the Crossly, PC problems are exported to the console

How To Disable Crossplay For Halo Infinite? It May Be Possible For Xbox To Disable Crossplay In Halo
Indirect consequence of the proliferation of cheating in PC: Xbox players are suffering too and would like to be able to deactivate the cross game so as not to have to rubbed with the troop on the keyboard and mouse equipped with an Aim bot.

However, this may not be necessary, since 343 Industries has already indicated that Halo Infinite anti-traps measures will be implemented when the game is launch on December 8, along with the campaign. At this time, the only way to solve the problem is to deactivate the pairing with keyboard / mouse profiles, but this option is only available for the items with range.

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