Today, Hooded Horse revealed that they would take care of the publication of The Way of Wrath in a trailer earlier in the day.

The next RPG takes place during the Bronze Age. In the game, players will work to prepare their fortress to resist an attack of an enemy army. After an earlier defeat, players must work to unite their people and rebuild their fort to withstand this new threat.

The Way of Wrath plunges players in a vast game world with a lot to do. They can sabotage enemy camps, find new allies and collect resources over a 10-day game period. To prepare your fort, The Way of Wrath offers a complex social system. This system includes the supplies hunt and the creation of resource camps. With regard to the search for allies, the RPG proposes a system of in-depth diplomacy where players can transform the neighboring tribes into allies or enemies.

HORSE the band's EARTH TOUR- Official Trailer!
In addition to offering a complete sequence of character creation, all the other characters faced by the players will have a thorough life with routines and relationships directly affected by the player and his actions. This creates dynamic storyline where players will see the direct result of their actions.

As players sail in these intrigues, they must make sure they are always assembling their fort. All this ends with a massive final that will show the player if he has successfully prepared to defend his village and inhabitants.

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