FC Bayern Sales shrinks in two years by over 100 million euros

The Corona pandemic also enormously relies on Prosus Bayern Munich. The total turnover of the German record champion has shrunk by more than 100 million euros to 643.9 million since the record year of €750.4 million.

The Group’s profit has also declined from 52.5 million euros to 1.9 million in the past two years. For comparison: Borussia Dortmund had booked a minus of 72.8 million at 358.6 million euros.

For football, the pandemic is an immense challenge. Since March 8, 2020, we had very few games with spectators in the Allianz Arena. Despite these circumstances, sales and profit in the past fiscal year in my eyes have failed well, said board leader Oliver Khan in the presentation of the figures for the financial year 2020/21 at the Annual General Meeting of Bavaria on Thursday evening.

Financial board Jan-Christian Dreams spoke of a still very big stress and painful loss of sales through the pandemic. Against this background, however, the results are all the more positive. The club stands on a solid foundation, which is now proven in times of crisis.

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But Drain also expects a reduced sales level for the current financial year 2021/2022. After the record year 2019, Bavaria had to accept a sales decline to 698 million euros in 2020 (9.8 million profit).

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The overall staff over the past year for their approximately 1000 employees, including the stars around Robert Lewandowski, Manuel New and Thomas Müller, the Munich numbered to 348.9 million euros. 206.7 million Bavaria took on by marketing and sponsorship, 147.9 million through the game operation. Early in Champions League and DFB Cup contributed to some losses. The equity of the Group is still proud 491.1 million euros.

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