EA says responds to the criticisms received Battlefield 2042

It does not have a week since it came out, but Battlefield 2042 Ya is considered one of the worst games of the franchise, and Steam. The new thing about EA and says has been receiving a constant wave of criticism, so its authors promised that many improvements and updates for the title are coming.

In an extensive communiqué published on the official site of Battlefield, says explained that they will be supporting and updating the game for many years, with two important updates planned for the coming weeks, and the first of them You will arrive this Thursday.

Additionally, they recognized that the fans are anxious to see the return of certain classic functions of the saga:

Our teams around the world are working 24/7 to evolve and improve the game. Since its launch we have worked on a lot of updates to improve the stability of our servers as well as in certain content that have not had the performance with which we design them.

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We also want to assure you that we are carefully evaluating the return of certain iconic functions. The boards at the end of the games, being able to choose a server manually, and voice chat are important issues for us, and we have a lot to say about them. We will inform you when we have something concrete, including details about our long-term vision for certain functions and features.

In this same text, says mentions that Xbox users should no longer be having problems with the game crashing constantly.

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This week’s patch will include a few minor adjustments, but the really important will not be arriving until the beginning of December.

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