Crazy Trucks Party racing game appears shortly

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Developer Marionette Games announces that the monster motion game Crazy Trucks will appear on 26 November 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch. Crash into this pure arcade gameplay and mixes the monster truck world in Crazy Trucks by defeating your rivals in an extreme confrontation of face to face!


Party racing game for 1 to 4 players
Monster truck motif arenas
Realistic and yet slightly crazy physics
Dozens of trucks to choose from
Over 10 game modes with additional settings
High scores to compare with friends
Numerous routes adapted for the game modes
Customizable victory conditions

game modes

Football — a football match for 1v1 or 2v2 players
Elimination — Adjusted the arena of your rivals before you catch you
Warehouse war — collects and stores tires scattered on the map
Challenge — skips your rivals on the highest ramps in the world
Stamina — ride against your opponents on challenging routes

The complete list of successes in Crazy Trucks was also announced:

  1. Gears of Battle: Collects 20 gears in collecting mode — 25 GS
  2. Gears of War: collects 200 gears in collecting mode — 100 GS
  3. First words: Complete the saying in Scrabble mode — 50 GS
  4. Speak fluent: Complete the saying in 3 minutes (Scrabble mode) — 100 GS
  5. Polyglot: collects 150 letters in SCRABBLE mode — 75 GS
  6. Tire level: collects 10 tires in the warehouse war mode — 25 gs
  7. Tire bearings: collects 100 tires in the warehouse war mode — 100 GS
  8. Sticky trunk: Take 10 tires of competitors (storage WARS mode) — 100 GS
  9. Half metal Alchemist: Destroy a different vehicle (multiplayer mode) — 50 gs
  10. GUNMETAL Alchemist: Adds your opponents to 5000 damage (multiplayer collect) — 100 gs
  11. Froggy: Jumps in Challenge mode over 20 ramps — 25 gs
  12. Crazy Frog: Jumps in Challenge Mode Over 200 Ramps — 100 GS
  13. Twist: creates 5 rounds in racing mode — 25 gs
  14. Twister: creates 20 rounds in racing mode — 100 GS
  15. RL9: scores 10 goals in football mode — 25 gs

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