Arcane Dr World could be one of the great arrivals for the second season

Although the animated series of League of Legends has largely explored the streets of Plover and the alleys of Faun, adapting to the passage of many champions of this region, it is clear that several characters as famous as expected have not made their appearance Camille, ZAC or even Twitch, follow hidden throughout the city of progress, so we expect more beautiful surprises. And, if, like all others, we will have to be patient before the launch of season 2, we can already try to predict or even anticipate what will bring us.

Some tracks, distilled along the first nine episodes, have already put us in the ears, but it is clear that both Riot Games and Article are teachers in the topic of cover-up, so much that theories that seem more sensitive They are still likely to fail, unfortunately. That said, the Californian study is well known for its often peculiar humor, as well as for its propensity to hide Easter eggs everywhere, to give birth to treasure searches that the community loves to explore. In this case, the Board files — this narrative experience that is part of the Riot X Arcane project, and currently available through the League of Legends launcher — reveals every week the point of view of one of the main protagonists of the series.

However, in those who are dedicated to Caitlyn, more precisely in the section Conspiracies and Machinations, an investigation of the future Sheriff of Plover seems to predict the presentation of a crazy known Faun : Dr. World.

is Dr. World in the text.

An drug robbery that goes wrong, a victim that dies of multiple bleeding caused by a toothed leaf, a suspicious suspiciously strong that escapes with the victim’s prosthetic leg, either By the bloody nature of the murder or by this specific crazy side of the victim. This research carries Dr. World’s brand in almost everywhere. The autopsy report mentions, so the murder was work of a lunatic while a witness describes it with jumping eyes, sweating and showing foam by mouth. Of course, Faun’s madman does not have the monopoly of madness in League of Legends, but we must recognize that the parallelism that Caitlyn’s research seems to trace is almost too obvious.

The details that have been given to us are too characteristic of Dr. World so that they seem to adhere to any other madman who would walk in full dementia through the streets of Faun. Already, the hypothetical cause of death, attributed to a toothed leaf, reminds us quickly the teeth saw used by the self-taught surgeon. In addition, the notes of Caitlyn specify that the suspect would exhibit an abnormal strength and physique while his cognitive faculties of him seemed to have diminished.

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From there, a simple extrapolation leads us to consider that he is indeed responsible for this robbery that went wrong, which would seem to involve the presence of him behind the history of Arcane. The series never mentions this research, but we can imagine that the archives of the city serve precisely to explore, or at least to introduce, the secondary narratives that were not shown in the series. Especially because the ellipsis present between each act leave the door open to many events that Riot or Article can use in the future.

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Details wrinkling

However, it is difficult to know if it is good enough to prophesy the arrival, in season 2, of the purple colossus. Especially because, if we trust the tradition of it, Dr. World has not always been the crazy surgeon we know. Next of the second act. After a FIFA, whose detail is not very clear, world — or at least the man who was- is admitted to Oswald’s asylum, a place where his madness prevails and where the multiple experiments with his emaciated body They give birth to the mass of muscles we know. Also, a quick look at your work splatter is enough to see that the capsules on the shoulders of it seem to prey the Shimmer of Erika. Could he be Signed’s zero patient?

When storms out of his internship, after having massacred all the nurses and his former chief who came to look, Dr. Munro turns purple. The longer a man, and details of research Caitlyn seem to suggest that the perpetrator, but crazy and deformed, still possessed the characteristics of a human. Of course, one witness saw him from afar, but it is hard to imagine how this kind of detail could I have escaped, unless, of course, screenwriter has left it voluntarily hand, for fear of selling spoiler to ease.

That said, one last detail, on the last page of the file appears to provide a new key to understanding. In fact, a message left at the scene of the crime, signed by one Speech, it seems to imply that this was a grudge match, the type of mission that former world committed before to discover a passion wild by medicine. All indications are that this Speech ordered the theft of the prosthesis, and went wrong. Thereafter, theories abound: Is the world really deranged or another? If it is him, he would have already angry before joining the madhouse? We will see in 2023.

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