PS plus games in December 2021 Release rumors and speculation

Insomniac Games is an American computer game development business founded in 1994 as well as based in Burbank, The golden state. The company includes creative Franchises Spiro The Dragon, Ratchet and Clank and Resistance. The business is redeemed in August 2019 by Sony worth $229 million.

December is already in front of the door and thus the next round of bonus games for the PS plus owners. In this article, your rumors and speculation finds which games could give it in December.

This is speculated: Every month PlayStation fans speculate which games could give it in the coming month for the owners of a PS-Plus subscription. Even for December there is a fan theory that states that the game Heavenly Bodies will belong to the free bonus games.

Its a new game published for PC, PS4 and PS5 and the release date falls on the possible release of the next charge of PS-Plus games: December 7th. If you do not notice the MMORPG add-on FFI: End Walker, for which no PS-plus needed, it is the only game that appears on the day.

In the past, it has already happened several times that Sony PS5 games has brought directly to the release in the PS-Plus directly. This includes, for example, Bright Let Loose, which celebrated the release on the consoles in October and immediately became a plus title.

Heavenly Bodies is an indie game in which you can find out in weightlessness and solve puzzles. Thats not as easy as it sounds. Trailer can you watch here:

For the wishes for the PS-Plus games fell on YouTube and Social Media titles like Near Automata or Crash Bandicoot: Its About Time.

Leaks to the new games are not available yet.

PS plus in November 2021: date and time

This is the release problem in December: The new PS-Plus games are normally announced on the last Wednesday of the respective month. That would be in this month of November 24th.

The release of the new plus games takes place on the first Tuesday of the following month. That would be in December but only the 7th There are therefore two ways for December when the plus games are announced and published:

Possibility 1: Announcement of the Games on November 24 and Release on 1 December
Possibility 2: Announcement of Games on December 1 and Release on December 7th.

However, speculation tend to be the second way, also because Heavenly Bodies celebrate his release on December 7th.

Both in the announcement and the release that it comes to irregularities and both can be delayed.

These games are available for PS plus in November: Currently you can dust the following PS plus games in November. In addition to the usual 3 games are another 3 bonus games for PlayStation VR:

Kingdoms of Amateur: Re-Reckoning (PS4 / PS5)
First Class Trouble (PS4 / PS5), which Sony had already confirmed as a PS-Plus game.
Knockout City (PS4 / PS5)
The Persistence (PSV)
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (PSV)

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Before the case (PSV)

If you have a PS plus subscription and want to download the games, its best until December 1st. They stay in your library even after the expiration of the subscription and can be played if you have renewed the subscription.

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