Filbry For us the file Markus is closed beginning

Fiery, as before already sporting chief Frank Baumann, pointed to the enormous dynamics that the process had accepted due to the great public interest. On Friday, the police had become imagined with a house search command for Markus beginning in the Weserstadion. The Welder Responsible in connection with the allegations of a very clear indication was set forth in connection with the allegations of a corona certificate.

Whelp was precisely, fiery did not want to clarify. After the beginning and his co-trainer Florian boy, against which is also determined against the police due to abnormalities in the detection, were in contact with the police, they have asked sports chief Baumann for the dissolution of their contracts. Thus, they are probably any consequences of the association previously, previously confirmed: Due to this clear indication, we have dealt with labor law increments, which Welder would then have possibly considered.

Fiery warns about Revaluation

Due to the immediate contract resolution The file Markus start is closed for us, said the 54-year-old. Claims for damages against the coach, for which the club remembered a considerable six-digit transfer fee to Darmstadt 98 before the season, would not exist.

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Nationwide the subject of vaccination passport has been given in the foreground, also in connection with our association.

Klaus Fiery

When with final results in the investigation of the case to be expected initially, the prosecutor is now. Although Fiery warned, continuing to be careful to make a previous conviction. Nevertheless, the occurrences have already taken care of at Welder since Thursday: Nationwide the subject of vaccination passport has been put into the foreground, also in conjunction with our association. This is not nice, said Welder Managing Director: In this respect, it is Now to focus on the focus.

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