The Office Originally Had Jim Cheat On Pam But John Krasinski Said No

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Among the stories in the last periods of the American version of The Office involved some connection concerns in between Jim as well as Pam, and now its been disclosed that the initial plan was for Jim to rip off on Pam with Cathy. Jim (John Kaminski) and Cathy (Lindsey Broad) were going to construct out in the Season 8 episode After Hours, yet Kaminski shut it down.

Thats the only time I keep in mind putting my foot down… I remember saying points that I never thought Id claim previously, like, Im not going to fire it, Kaminski said in the new publication Invite to Under Mifflin: The Ultimate Narrative History of The Office, according to the NY Post.

Kaminski is claimed to have reached out directly to series developer Greg Daniels with his worries.

John Krasinski Reveals Whether Jim & Pam Would Still Be Together | EXTENDED
Jim and also Pam really did not have the most strong of partnerships in the last periods of The Office, but Kaminski stated it was an action too much to have Jim cheat on Pam.

My sensation exists is a threshold with which you can press our audience. They are so committed. We have revealed such great respect to them. However, theres a moment where if you push them too much, theyll never come back. And I believe that if you show Jim unfaithful, theyll never ever come back, he said.

Daniels agreed, and the scene was never recorded, though Jim and also Cathy were certainly alone together in a Florida hotel room– prior to Dwight stepped in.

In other current news concerning The Office, it was just recently revealed that NBC apparently paid James Mandolin $3 million to NOT celebrity on The Office as Steve Carells substitute.

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