FC Schalke 04 vs Werder Bremen Grammozis confirms bitter failure

FC Schalke 04 takes a victory in the top duel of the 14th match day at Welder Bremen (Saturday, 20:30 clock) to get the bankruptcy against the SV Darmstadt from the heads and the connection to the top not to lose. Not with it is defender Calif Seine, who had just returned from a long injury.

The bitter 2: 4 (1: 2) In the home game against Darmstadt Calif Seine was allowed to stand in the square for the first time this season. Knee problems had led to the Senegalese rich 14 mandatory games of the royal blue missed. Three minutes he could participate in the end of the domestic audience, the passion time seemed for the time being.

However, as coach Dimitrios Grammars announced on Thursday on the Game Day Press Conference, Seine is now coming out again. He gained a muscular injury in the hind leg before yesterday in training. He will be about three weeks.

Thats a pity, so the coach continues, he came closer. But he is the only failure we have.

Grammars: Eroded does not head

The focus of Welder Bremen is likely to be above all on goalkeeper Simon Eroded anyway. For four league games, the Routinize is already without goal success, on Schalke is therefore hoping eagerly that the knot is bursting.

Grammars relaxed: Simon Eroded is nobody who makes a head. He is professional and focused, works hard in training. Therefore, he will reward himself again.

So will Grammozis die Schalke-Krise stoppen! | S04 NEWS
This also applies to Storm Colleague Marius Butler, who was already four goals and four templates in this second league season.

GRAMZOZIS calls against Bremen from his team now a clear increase in performance, the individual mistakes of the last weeks should be absent. We did the training a little intensified and made endurance testing — even to collect data. This is important for the load control. The boys have made physically a step forward, assured by the German Greek.

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