LOL The new rewards mechanics of the pre season Cabrea to professionals

Riot Games is an American posting as well as computer game development firm established in 2006 as well as located in Los Angeles, The Golden State. She likewise arranges several electronic sporting activity events. The firm had only one game released for even more than ten years, League of Legends, released in 2009 and provided him all his online reputation in sight of the appeal he satisfies and also keeps gradually. Throughout the year 2020, however, the business publishes Legends of Runeterra, Valor and also League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Preseason 2022 Spotlight by Nubrac  |  Gameplay - League of Legends

The preseason is the chaotic moment par excellence of League of Legends. Riot Games usually takes advantage of this moment to introduce the most risky changes that have not had space along the patches and remodel the game for the next campaign. Disagreements between developer and community are guaranteed with new mechanics and modifications. However, they are rarely as unanimous as the one that has taken place with the rewards for objectives, a measure that professionals are criticizing.

Change has displeased the professionals of League of Legends

The functioning of the awards for objectives is simple. To foster the comeback, Riot Games has created a system that gives an additional gold value to neutral monsters and turrets for the team that is losing. Thus, the players with greater disadvantage who have managed to overcome their rivals and managed to tear down a turret or end the epic monsters will have a bonus that will help them put the most equal departure.

The truth is that it is a good idea considering the decanted that seemed the games on previous patches. However, although Riot Games promised to be very prudent with these rewards for objectives, the execution has been somewhat clumsy. Many professionals, accustomed to long sessions of qualifying items, have ensured that on many occasions this system feels unfair by offering too high a prize that punishes too much a single error of the winning team or activated when they barely have an advantage.

In some cases, it has not even been necessary for the team that enjoys the rewards has had any disadvantage. The most flagrant has been one shared by the League of Legends community in which it is seen as the set that had an advantage in the score gives an incomprehensible accelerator thanks to this system and manages to close the game of an instant to others.

Some of these players have even suggested that this measure should disappear from League of Legends as soon as possible. A radical solution that does not convince Riot Games at all, which ensures being monitoring the situation and being preparing changes in case this new measurement of the preseason has come with the imbalances that seems to suffer. Most likely, finish by entering an Emergency Update at half the current patch 11.23 that adjust the situation while working on future improvements for next 11.24.

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