With Dragon Ball The Breakers the series launches into the asymmetrical multi

An asymmetrical multiplayer game in the Dragon Ball world? You may not dream of it, but Dumps and Banzai NAMC did it, no doubt urged by the success of Dead by Daylight in the country of the sun-Levant. This Cross-Gen title is already planned for 2022 on PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, and therefore compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series. A multi-closed beta will soon be launched on PC to get their hands.

Inspired by a formula that has widely proved on consoles and PCs, the gameplay will oppose seven survivors without the slightest power to an emblematic enemy of the series — Cell, BUU and Freezer at first — all on vast destructible cards. If the survival conditions will depend essentially on your ability to stay the longest out of sight of the Green, nothing will prevent the different objects and capsules disseminated on the playground while waiting to activate the machine to travel in the time.

DRAGON BALL: The Breakers - Announcement Trailer

Many customization options are obviously on the program to modify appearance and skills of the poor trap and visibly frightened characters. Especially since enemies are likely to evolve by multiplying catches and absorptions, as can be seen in this trailer where Cell reaches its final form. We do not know for the moment if the game will take the path of the free to play or if it provides an invoiced output with several bonuses unlocked automatically.


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Dragon Ball The Breakers — Official Trailer

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