Prospi A Darvish Selection Held from 15th today Darvish players appear in new ability values and fiscal year

INAMI Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a mobile game Professional Baseball Spirits A (Ace), a scout 2021OB Selection Spear Bass Selection ~ that players who are active in MLB s San Diego and Padres appeared today I knew that I started from November 15 (Mon).

INAMI Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a mobile game Professional Baseball Spirits A (Ace) (hereinafter referred to as Pros pi A ), a scout 2021OB selection that players who have been active in MLB s San Diego Padres appear. SP ~ Davis Selection ~ started from November 15th (Mon).

In this Dervish Selection, 12 OB players selected by Dervish players appeared for a limited time!

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In addition, Dervish Yes supervised by the person also appears newly with different years and different capabilities of last year. Dervish players commented that League chooses a little more successful age while keeping a good match in the last selection and real-time match.

Dervish Selection









Kahuna Saith

Honolulu Kobayashi


Katsuki Keisha


Iron Author

Holding period

2021 November 15 (Mon) -1 / November 25 (Thu) 12:59

Event Star Road

From November 15 (Mon), the event Star Road will be held! Choose one from the players who possess, and are an event that aims for stars while fighting the season.

By collecting Star PT that can be worn according to the activity of players and the match results, you can get a luxurious reward such as S rank OB contract (Dervish Selection) and My Page Background !

Holding period

November 15th (Mon) -1ember 22 (Mon) 14:59

Mobile game Professional Baseball Spirits A

29 million download breaks! Conducted a 3D scan technology that photographs a professional baseball player from 360 degrees and reproduces the data as 3D model data as 3D model data, and realizes beautiful graphics and reality that does not seem to be mobile games. It is a full-scale professional baseball game app that can enjoy baseball actions and players with easy operation. Players aim to win and foster real professional baseball players to create the strongest team and play against rivals across the country. Furthermore, professional baseball information such as match information and player data is also enhanced. You can enjoy not only the match as well as a professional baseball information tool.

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Official Twitter: Prussia pr

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