The Seattle Seahawks (English for spread; signed up as Football Northwest LLC) are a United States Football franchise from Seattle in the state of Washington.
The Seahawks can be found in 1976 as a development team new to the National Football League (NFL), at the exact same time with the Tampa Florida Bay Buccaneers. In order to equivalent opportunities, the weakly assessed newbies were assigned in the initial year of the various other Seminar in its entirety prepared. The Seahawks began in the NFC West of the National Football Seminar (NFC) and played from 1977 in the AFC West of the American Football Meeting (AFC).

Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers trade redzone INTs
There they qualified in the 8th year of their existence for the first time for the play-offs and instantly got to the AFC National championship. To the Cigar Type of the 2002 season, they returned to the NFC West, where they reached the Super Bowl for the very first time after the 2005 season, which they lost against Pittsburgh Steelers. In the 2013 period, the Seahawks turned right into the Super Bowl for the 2nd time, which she won against Denver Broncos. A year later, the entrance into the Super Dish, in which the New England Patriots were victorious. The Seattle Seahawks are the only team of NFL, which Ant rat both in the AFC National Championship and also in the NFC Championship Game.
Paul Allen acquired the Seahawks in 1997, which because 2002 provided their home video games in the lumen Area. The fans of the team are called 12th and also the Cheerleaders Seahawks Dancers. Logo and uniform are controlled by the shades white, blue, gray and also green. Bigger modifications to these 2 points were used after the beginning in 2002 and 2012. The Seahawks created stylish rivalries to San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles/ Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos.

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The Green Bay Packers have gained their first game after returning from Aaron Rodgers with 17: 0 against the Seattle Seahawks. The last Packers Quarterback, which was released by the IMF debate in the criticism, did not convince one day after dismissing from Corona isolation and threw no touchdown pass, but could rely on a surprisingly strong defense that the second comeback of the Radially, Sea hawk s Quarterback Russell Wilson did not score in the return of a finger injury for the first time in its entire NFL career with his offense not a single point, also made two interceptions in the end zone.

To all overflow, his Star Receiver DK Met calf in the final phase of the game was excluded after a dispersion from the game. However, for the packers, however, there were weddings: both pass Rusher Ra shan Gary and Running Back Aaron Jones ranked in the already long injured list Green Bays and may be longer.

I m back : Newton needs no start-up time at Panther s comeback

However, Cam Newton celebrated a usual extravagant comeback at Carolina Panthers. The NFL-MVP from 2015 was only committed on Thursday by his ex-team, against the Arizona Cardinals initially only as a substitute behind P.J. Walker into the game — and still had his big moments: With his first snap as a re-panther he finished the first touchdown of the game, tore his helmet from the head and screamed the audience I m back. Shortly thereafter, he managed a Passing Touchdown — with his first passport. For the Cardinals, who had once again had to do without Quarterback Kyle Murray and Receiver Deandre Hopkins, ultimately a CRASIC 10: 34 defeat was ultimately — the second of this season.

Five Touchdown Passes: Is Mahomes again the old one?

Also, on late Saturday night, the Minnesota Vikings drove a much needed 27: 20 away win at the Los Angeles Chargers, the Philadelphia Eagles surprisingly won thanks to two touchdowns of Rookie Receiver Devon ta Smith with 30:13 at the Denver Broncos.

In the Sunday Night Game, Patrick Mahomes with the Kansas City Chiefs again showed himself the way he knows him from the past few years: equal five touchdown passes brought the quarterback at the 41:14 against defensively overwhelmed Las Vegas Raiders and Hive said the Chiefs One — just by himself — extremely bumpy the first half of the season back to the top of the AFC West.

The early Sunday games: Brady and the Bus are already losing again — Dallas Hurt Atlanta Lieder

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