Dr Disrespect Bann at Twitch should have expressed his reputation extremely damaged

Almost one and a half years ago, the Twitch channel was permanently blocked by Dr Disrespect. Meanwhile, the DOC has found his new home at YouTube Gaming. A comeback at Twitch is considered excluded. Nevertheless, his spell is always topic in the broadcasts of the streamer.

Twitch lock should have led to call damage for Dr Disrespect

Recently, Guy has betrayed Dr Disrespect beauty in a livestream that the Twitch Spain is still for trouble today. Thus, the DOC was set to black lists at different publishers, whereby cooperations are excluded with it. Among other things, Electronic Arts and Activision are said, which is why there were no partnerships for Battlefield 2042 or Call of Duty: Vanguard on his canal.

For years, Dr Disrespect and his team should have set up the connections to EA and Activision. But this is obviously only about the tip of the iceberg. Even behind the scenes, the Twitch spell made for a massive image damage that cost him revenue and partnerships.

Why was Dr Disrespect locked at Twitch?

Dr Disrespect BANNED by EA and Blames Twitch
To date, the background for the lock of the DOC son Twitch are unclear — at least for the public. In August 2021, Guy announced that he had learned the reasons for the spell. A completed topic is the spell for Dr Disrespect and Twitch but not yet. The streamer wants to sue the streaming platform.

No matter how these negotiations will end — a return to Twitch will no longer exist for the DOC. For his 3.61 million subscribers, he will only be watched live with YouTube.

From Dominik Wingman
15.11.2021 at 12:55

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